Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a short term and highly effective approach for the treatment of a range of psychological problems from depression, anxiety problems and panic attacks, to specific phobias, trauma, eating disorders, anger issues, addictions and relationship difficulties.

Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention and relating to our experiences in a particular way, which changes our relationship with the problems we are facing and therefore helps us deal better with difficulties. It is very effective in reducing stress caused by chronic health problems and preventing relapse of depression.

Dr Kamila Hortynska, a Clinical Psychologist who conducts the therapy sessions at OneWellness, said: ‘I believe that my role as a therapist is to help you understand what is happening and to equip you in practical strategies to overcome or manage your difficulties. I use a mixture of clinical psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and functional medicine, which means that I also look into nutrition, exercise and sleep as a way of addressing mental health problems’.

Prior to your appointment you will be asked to complete questionnaires about your health and lifestyle. These will need to be returned to OneWellness

Cost- £150 for 1 hour

For more information or to book a therapy session, please call 01423 568212 or 07817703309

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