“I was diagnosed with MS in 1997, I also suffer with IBS, both which are very debilitating, unpredictable and govern my life, not in a good way.Over the years I have tried a lot of so called “healthy eating” type diets i.e. low fats, no fats, no carbs etc.I came into contact with Rahul via my husband. Over a period of a week I listed what I had eaten. As a result, Rahul noted that I was cutting out food with nutrients and eating foods laced with additives. With Rahul’s advice I started eating regularly and combining foods which worked for my body instead of against it.With Rahul’s guidance and advice, I introduced “real food” with a rule that if it doesn’t come from the ground, don’t eat it, and also a window of when to eat certain food.Rahul said to drink plenty of water a day and a glass of red wine a day, I don’t like red wine which is a shame!As a result, over a period of time I have found my energy levels are on the up, I sleep better, my bowel habits are more normal, I am not as ratty (I was on a very short fuse) and I am much more alert. The change in eating habits has introduced more normality back into my life. Thank you, Rahul, you are a lifesaver.”

Mrs L, 58 year old multiple sclerosis sufferer

Thank you for your time with my children. They are seriously sporty teenagers competing at national level events in more than one discipline. It was so helpful to have a full “MOT” that included not only the obvious sleep, stress, school, nutrition and social aspects but also the aspirations and mental health of my kids. I was very impressed with your quiet and kind listening approach, and your perceptive questioning brought out information even I was not aware of from my quiet one. Thank you so much for putting together all the pieces that make up a happy, healthy and successful sporting adolescent. We have noticed changes already, and they are confidently taking charge of more aspects of their own training – which is ultimately what we all want.”

Helene, endurance runner and mother to two aspiring athletes

I have spent much of my adult life overweight – and with this, feeling unhealthy. I walked into my first session with Helen not really knowing what to expect…… I walked out of this session with a completely different mind-set.

It was like she flicked a switch on in my brain & I realised it is completely within my gift to change my life and most importantly to feel well.  I feel positive about the future and I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me…. With Helen’s support, I know this won’t end for me in 90 days. This is a ‘forever’ change.

Shaun, 36-year-old busy professional

I am SO glad I did! Right from our very first phone call, I found motivation to make myself better. She is like my guardian angel, constantly helping me make better life choices.

I started with 3 main goals; more energy, more toned and clearer skin. I receive emails each week with different tips and advice and I have weekly phone calls to catch up on how I’ve done, what I’ve enjoyed or not, Helen tailors each session to me.   I don’t feel ashamed or worried to tell Helen when I haven’t completed an exercise or feel like I’ve slipped up.

I would 100% recommend Helen to anyone who feels like they need the kick up the butt to get their life in order!

Hannah, 23-year-old medical student

I had been struggling to make changes to my life to enable me to be happy with my body and what I put into it. Despite being physically the fittest I had ever been, I was not able to control my diet. Working with Helen, I’ve been surprised as to how quickly the changes are coming! Week by week new concepts are introduced which are thought provoking and are consolidated by completing action plans. I am excited about continuing my journey with Helen and would recommend her as a health coach whole heartedly.

Farah, 34-year-old mum of one

I was recommended to see Stephen by my husband as I was struggling with my back and hip when I was playing golf. I undertook an 8 week physio led gym program devised specifically for me by Stephen. It was absolutely fab! Would really recommend it to anyone wanting to undertake a structured program with expert guidance. I am now swinging a lot more freely and my handicap is coming down. Thanks a lot!

Joy Craven, 58, Knaresborough- Physio Fit Patient & Keen Golfer

Thank you so much for your expert help and support. OneWellness is a top class facility and all the staff are friendly and supportive. I had physiotherapy with Stephen and then attended a series of Pilates classes to help me with a longstanding issue with my back. Its now a lot better and I am back gardening and riding my bike regularly.

Simon Flowers, 42, Spofforth

I was referred to Stephen by Mr Jon Conroy following me having a hip arthroscopy. He has really got me going and helped enormously with my recovery. He really knows his stuff and is great at explaining things so that I can understand. I was given exercises to do at home and taught how to use my crutches. As I progressed I have been using the gym equipment at Onewellness and this has really helped. Stephen did the exercises with me and guided me through a set program of exercises that gradually got harder and harder. Now I am back at work, working out regularly in the gym and my hip doesn’t hurt at all. Thanks a lot Stephen – hopefully I will never need to see you again!!!

Simon Douglas, 46, Harrogate – Post Hip Arthroscopy Patient