Privacy Policy

This notice explains how OneWellness may collect, use and process personal information.

By giving us personal and medical information, you agree to us using that information as set out in this notice.

What Information we collect relating to the client?

  • Name, Date of birth, gender and contact details (including address)
  • Client’s representative / care giver contact details and relationship.
  • Photographs and videos for assessment and treatment. Only if agreed and additional consent form signed.
  • Details of professional advisors e.g. Case manager, solicitors, school details and teachers/TA, carers.
  • Details of my clients physical and mental medical health.
  • Details of GP or relevant medical consultants, health or educational professionals.
  • Any information you or your child choose to give us from time to time.

We may collect the personal information listed above from third parties for example.

  • Where the third-party e.g. case manager, solicitor, medical, health or educational professional holds that information.
  • To verify the information, you have provided; e.g. case manager, solicitor, medical, health or educational professional holds that information.


*This notice applies to any personal information you give us about anyone else. If you disclose personal information about someone else, you must ensure you have their permission to do so and they understand the information set out in this notice.

What do we use your information for and who we may share it with?

We use the information

  • To respond to your enquires about my services.
  • To assess and treat your relative /next of kin as appropriate.
  • For the prevention or detection of crime (including fraud) and to comply to safeguarding legislation.
  • To solicitors following their provision of written consent for notes in the case.
  • To effectively liaise with all members of the team involved in the care of the client
  • Companies who provide the equipment and their representatives.
  • Companies when purchasing agreed equipment by the client or legal guardian.
  • As otherwise notified to you by us from time to time.
  • We keep the information for 7 years before it is destroyed. If it is paper this is shredded. If it is electronic then it is deleted.

Your rights

You have the right to ask;

  • What information we hold about you. If you would like details of the information we hold just contact us. We may charge as small charge for this service.
  • Any inaccuracies in the information we hold to be corrected.
  • To stop using any information about our clients that may cause harm or substantial distress.
  • To withdraw consent to treatment and / or sharing if you wish to do so at any time.