Physiotherapy & Sports Performance

Here at OneWellness we believe that promoting positive physical health is a key component to wellbeing. Our specialist physiotherapist service offers tailored maintenance plans for people who want to remain active and healthy or optimise their physical performance.

We are firm advocates of prevention rather than cure, be proactive rather then reactive. Don’t put off consulting with one of our highly specialised physiotherapists if you have a niggle or a strain. If you leave it, it may worsen and therefore become more difficult to manage in the future.

Call today on 01423 568212 or 07817703309 to make an appointment Physiotherapists are highly trained clinicians who undertake extensive medical training and have to undergo continuous CPD in order to stay registered.

They are able to assess and diagnose for many complex health conditions then implement specific treatment regimes in order to help the patient achieve an optimal recovery and return to health.

Here’s a list of our current packages: 

Musculoskeletal injury assessment A new approach to injury and rehabilitation. Assessment includes a review with an exercise practitioner, physiotherapist and GP/MSK specialist to work out the best management plan for YOU.

Cost: 90 mins- £200

Steroid injections- £50 (additional cost in appointment if required).

Following your initial assessment we can create a bespoke, individual treatment plan which can encompass a variety of options which will work best for you e.g. physio, personal training, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, mindfulness or therapy, health coaching, nutrition.

Back Pain Package   Have previous treatments not helped your back pain? Do you feel your clinician is not listening to you? Back pain is complex and is often due to multiple factors. This can be misunderstood in treatment. We offer a private service where we have more time for clinical care, a multidisciplinary team of professionals and can see you in a timely manner. See us for an initial assessment and we will create a treatment plan specific to the causes of your back pain.

Initial assessment cost- £200 (90mins) Further sessions may be advised with our team of doctors, physios, exercise practitioners, instructors and psychologist.

Performance Enhancement Package Includes:

  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Functional testing
  • Sport specific rehabilitation plan
  • Bespoke personal training plan for progression
  • Lifestyle medicine assessment of diet and recovery

Cost- £500 for 300 minutes of clinical time as best advised. The initial 90 mins will be a joint MDT appointment with MSK and Sports Performance Specialist, Physiotherapist and Exercise practitioner

Physiotherapy Our specialist physiotherapist service offers tailored maintenance plans for people who want to remain active and healthy or optimise their physical performance. Our team are experts in sports injury management, post-operative rehabilitation, as well as general aches, pains and injuries. Our team of physiotherapists will take a full subjective history then undertake a thorough physical examination in order to determine the source of your problem. The team works with you to devise a full programme which will optimise your physical and emotional recovery. We are recognised by all major insurance companies including AXA PPP, BUPA and AVIVA

Cost- £60 initial assessment, £50 follow up

1:1 Pilates 1:1 Pilates with Gemma James – physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and training in JEMS functional biomechanics. Gemma teams her physiotherapy knowledge with her eye for efficient movement to coach you through an individually designed Pilates program to help you develop your full movement potential, whether it’s for recovery following injury, to improving balance or just wanting to improve your posture and move better.

Cost- £50

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