Personal Training

  • Includes free consultation and goal setting session.
  • Tailored training plan to suit your fitness goals.
  • Continuous nutritional guidance and advice.

Member Single Session £35                                             Non-members £38

4 Sessions £136                                                                 4 Sessions £150

8 Sessions £260                                                                 8 Sessions £290

12 Sessions £360                                                               12 Sessions £420

Specialist packages

Prehab for runners. Aimed at improving CV, safeguarding against injury. And increasing your distance times through our runner specific tailored 6-week plan. Strength/Conditioning/Nutritional guidance all for £200

Everybody has that special event in their diary, it might be a Wedding, Christmas Party or a School reunion where you need to “knock their socks off!”. If so then our Little Black Dress programme is for you! Over the 10-week bespoke programme I will help tone,tighten and sculpt your body, In perfect time for your big occasion all for £340