Our Services


Here at OneWellness we believe that promoting positive physical health is a key component to wellbeing. Our specialist physiotherapist service offers tailored maintenance plans for people who want to remain active and healthy or optimise their physical performance.

Our highly experienced physiotherapists are also experts in supporting people after illness, surgery or injury. Our team of physiotherapists will take a full subjective history then undertake a thorough physical examination in order to determine the source of your problem. The team works with you to devise a full programme which will optimise your physical and emotional recovery.

A wide range of techniques including strengthening and stretching programmes are used to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our physiotherapy services are covered by all the major insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, Cigna, Simplyhealth and HCML. If you are not sure if you are covered please contact us to discuss.


Pilates is recommended by health professionals as a low impact way of strengthening the body and improving flexibility. Suitable for people of all abilities, Pilates can help you to recover from injury or surgery, or support you in staying injury-free.

Pilates can reduce back pain and other pain symptoms by strengthening and stabilising the core muscles and the muscles around the spine.

It has long been known that Pilates also improves mindfulness, therefore contributing to total wellness, by requiring the individual to be attentive to what is happening within their body and responding in the way that their body needs.

OneWellness associates Su Leeming and Emma Davies deliver a full range of Pilates classes from the Centre. Ranging from beginners to advanced classes, there is something for everyone. Su and Emma can both offer one-on-one or couples sessions, providing tailored programmes to meet your needs.

Our Pilates sessions are delivered in six-week courses, enabling you to progress through the movements and really see and feel the difference in your physical health and overall wellness.

Exercise Classes

Physical activity is an integral part of maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing. We offer a range of classes to suit people of all abilities. Our purpose-built centre is staffed by qualified physiotherapists meaning that you can feel confident you are being supported in your goals to recover from injury or surgery, or to achieve peak physical performance.