The benefits of eating well have never been as available as they are today. You are what you eat, after all. A healthy diet – a diet that doesn’t have to be restrictive – makes a huge impact on your wellness and the way you live your life. However, while we all know that eating healthily is important, the information on what to eat isn’t always as clear as you think.

One thing is for certain; everybody is different. And, everybody has different requirements. That means what works for your neighbour might be drastically incorrect for you. But, don’t worry. Supporting our Wellness GP Service and our open-plan, friendly gym in helping you become the best version of yourself is our dedicated Nutritional offering.

How Does It Work?
To make sure you’re confident in how you’re caring for your body, we take a unique, personalised assessment based on your individual needs, goals and preferences. Our experts then use the latest nutritional and behavioural scientific evidence to develop an in-depth plan, tailored around your lifestyle, to help you take control of your nutrition, health and wellbeing. This isn’t simply a case of giving you a list of recipes to cook. We delve into your daily habits, body type and much more to guide you in making adjustments to the way you look after your body.

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Dr Matthew Campbell – PHD ACSM CEP BSC (Hons)
Dr Matthew is a leading authority in clinical exercise nutrition. He’s internationally renowned for his contribution to research, which has helped shape health policy guidance and clinical recommendations. Matthew holds a PhD in Exercise Nutrition and is an accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Matthew’s extensive experience in providing tailored health nutrition has seen him provide nutritional guidance to both recreational and elite athletes, including Olympians and Paralympians.