Our team of experts

Simon Long

Simon is a friendly, proactive, level 4 Personal Trainer who runs the fitness classes here at OneWellness. He’s extremely experienced, having previously worked for the Nuffield, where he led their Recovery Plus Rehabilitation Program. Simon has a real passion for treating patients with diabetes and helping guide those who are new to gyms.

Sam Blakey 

Sam recently joined the OneWellness team, having previously run her own personal Al training business in Singapore. She’s a specialist in Hypopressives, which helps people build their core strength. Sam’s special interest is in helping soon-to-be mums and post-natal mums. 

Gemma James

Gemma is a specialist Physiotherapist who has worked for over 10 years in the NHS. As an avid rider, she has a special interest in Equestrian rehabilitation and conditioning. As well as treating people in physiotherapy, Gemma leads Pilates classes at OneWellness.

Aimee Bellwood

Aimee is an ultra-runner and keen yogi, who has a strong passion for empowering beginners to yoga. With over 7 years experience, having trained with some of the UK’s most influential yoga teachers, she is an expert at helping people take control of their bodies.