Our vision is to help people overcome their own personal barriers when it comes to fitness; whether you are an elite athlete or completely new to exercise. Classes are designed by our exercise practitioner, physiotherapists and sports specialists to create effective, safe and challenging programmes.

  • For those who are unable to exercise due to injury, we offer physiotherapist led classes. In these the physiotherapist will design and guide you through a structured rehabilitation programme to get you back to your sport in the optimal time possible and enhance your performance. Our expert team will leave no stone un-turned in helping you rehabilitate, build physical strength and confidence.
  • We offer circuits based classes that incorporate all the key elements for improving fitness; a mix of cardiovascular training and strength and resistance training. Classes are small and friendly, taking away the uncomfortable feeling of attending a typical ‘gym’ and allowing you to progress in a safe, supportive and fun environment.
  • Our OWN body classes are aimed at over 55’s. Our classes are smaller than your average fitness class, meaning each individual gets personal training to guarantee proper technique and progression. All of our classes are focussed on specific health improvements, such as lowering blood pressure, increasing bone density, improving heart and lung function and lowering risk of Type 2 Diabetes, as well as improving body composition and helping you to achieve weight loss or fitness goals.
  • If you haven’t exercised before, we have a ‘New to Exercise’ programme which aims to make starting your fitness journey a less daunting experience.
  • Balance and Stability classes are perfect for helping build confidence and reducing the risk of wobbles and falls which may lead to injury.
  • Mums are able to get back to exercising SAFELY in our classes that you can bring your baby or toddler to.
  • Elite athletes and committed sportspersons can see our sports performance specialist, who is able to assess the complex contributors of athletic performance such as hormone balance, nutrition and supplementation, as well as working with our trainer and physios to assess functional movement and muscle recruitment

Our exercise practitioners can also provide 1:1 sessions or partner sessions to help you achieve your personal health or fitness goals.

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