Clinical Yoga

In my work as a physiotherapist I often talk to clients about their desire to take up yoga. It is a fantastic discipline for improving strength, flexibility, mental alertness and wellbeing. However, some people are apprehensive or sceptical of trying it (I was too at one stage!), particularly those with long-term health conditions and people recovering from an injury or surgery.

The good news is that there is a yoga class to suit everyone!

At OneWellness we’ve introduced clinical yoga, which is delivered by an experienced physiotherapist. This specialist discipline focuses on teaching you how to progress in yoga in a way that minimises the risk of injury, and promotes safe movement and healing for people with pre-existing conditions.

Studies have shown that practicing clinical yoga under the guidance of a physiotherapist can reduce lower back pain and relieve anxiety and depression as well as reducing your heart rate and blood pressure.

With a lot of forms of exercises you run the risk of incurring an injury – hurt your back when lifting weights, tweak your knee whist running – but with clinical yoga the risk is almost non-existent. The gentle, methodical and controlled movements make it ideal for people with MS, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, or those recovering from surgery or chemotherapy.

Practicing clinical yoga is also suitable for people without illness or injury because it can also help to improve your general fitness by improving your balance, posture and flexibility. It can supplement other forms of exercise you may undertake in order to achieve a balance to your overall fitness plan.

As a yoga-convert, I have no hesitation in recommending clinical yoga to the majority of my clients.


Lead physiotherapist


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