5 Apps to Help You with Your Healthy Eating and Exercise Goals

When you are working to achieve a health goal – whether it might be exercising more or eating better, it’s important to stay on top of your achievements as well as track your progress. Apps can be a really handy way of doing just that – and there are a number that are available on smartphones. In this blog, Dr Helen Lawal shares her five best apps for achieving your goals!

Coach to 5k

“This NHS app is running plan for beginners and will help you gradually build up your running towards 5k.”

Active 10 app

“This is my favourite physical activity app. Walking at a brisk pace for just 10 minutes has multiple health benefits – this app will tell you when you are walking briskly  and help you track your goals.”

Mindbody App

“If you aren’t keen on committing to a gym membership and like to keep your exercise varied, then this app is a great way to find out what fitness classes are available in your area and pay as you go.  What’s more, OneWellness classes are now available to be booked via this app!”

My Fitness Pal

“This app enables you to track your calories and physical activity. Initially it requires dedication as adding foods can be time-consuming, but it’s a great way to bring awareness to the amount of calories you consume.”

Change 4 Life Food Scanner

“Change 4 Life have produced this app which is family and child friendly. Use the app to scan foods and check the sugar, calorie and fat content. It’s also a fun way to get the kids interested in healthy eating!”

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