Five top tips to help improve your health and wellbeing, from Dr Rahul Lakhera

Being the Assistant First Team and Academy Doctor at Leeds United FC, as well as having spent time as a medic at Bradford Bulls, Dr Rahul Lakhera has a unique perspective on staying fit and healthy.

Dr Rahul recently joined our team at OneWellness as a GP and MSK & Sports Performance Specialist, brings his expertise to his role to help patients with sports injury management, joint aches and pains and injury rehabilitation with the aim of improving their health and fitness.

So, what are Dr Rahul’s top tips to improve your health and wellbeing?

  • Prioritise sleep. There’s not a single process that sleep does not improve and very few of us sleep enough.
  • Avoid processed food. Try and avoid anything that’s overly processed. A weirdly long shelf life is sometimes a clue, or an excessively long list of ingredients including things like resins and emulsifiers. Stick to simple, non-processed foods where possible.
  • Move more. It doesn’t have to be at a gym – and in some cases the gym can do more harm than good, if not used correctly. But every hour, get up and do something. Do a few squats, go for a walk, take the stairs. We just don’t move enough.
  • Protect your mental as well as physical health. Don’t forget the mental impact that injuries or illness can create. A huge part of lifestyle medicine is stress reduction, psychology and mindset. Essentially the purpose of OneWellness is to look at the whole person – that’s why we’ve got a psychologist on the team and a mindfulness coach. Don’t neglect that side of things when dealing with a physical issue.
  • Look after your muscles. We’re going further away from using our bodies properly – it’s a big issue and it’s one reason we’ve got so many problems now. Strong, flexible muscles will help protect joints, meaning a lot of debilitating joint issues could be avoided.

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