Leading the way when it comes to Men’s Health

Movember is upon us – and we thought it was a fantastic way to drive awareness about men’s health in all its forms! This month isn’t just about seeking help for a medical problem (though of course this is incredibly important) it’s also about making sure you are living life as healthily as possible. This includes moving more, but most importantly, moving well. You can achieve this by walking instead of taking the bus, making sure you get out on your lunch hour, or perhaps even joining a sports club with friends. It’s also crucial that you have access to quality healthcare when it comes to making sure you are moving in a way that’s good for you.

So, what is physiotherapy? Fundamentally, the aim of physiotherapy is to rehabilitate and improve a person’s ability to move and function using a combination of manual therapy, massage, stretches and exercises to help ease pain and increase mobility.

Stephen Kirk has worked as Lead Physiotherapist at OneWellness since we opened in February 2017, and brings with him over seventeen years’ experience, having worked across Leeds and Harrogate within the NHS and elite sports teams providing physiotherapy sessions and exercise rehabilitation.

Working alongside a team of experts, Stephen dedicates his time to working with clients to improve fitness and combat any sports injuries or strains. He also provides tailored maintenance plans for people who want to remain active and healthy or optimise physical performance. Stephen commented on the importance of Physiotherapy when it comes to men’s health:

“At OneWellness, we have a specialist GP-led team, offering a holistic approach to physiotherapy, incorporating mindset and lifestyle coaching and emotional support as well as – as the name suggests – the actual physical therapy. It’s suitable for everyone, of all ages, all abilities and with a range of problems. As physiotherapists, we look to offer advice and suggestions on how to keep yourself in the best possible shape, along with any exercises or habits you can introduce.

“As with everything we do at OneWellness, we want to consider prevention at an early stage to avoid more complex problems occurring later on. So, whether it’s a niggle that’s bothering you, or a sprain that won’t seem to settle, it’s worth taking action before it becomes something worse. Don’t worry that you’d be wasting anyone’s time – we’re here to help!”

For more information, please visit www.onewellnessharrogate.co.uk or call us on 01423 568212