Putting your health and wellbeing at the top of the ‘to do’ list

In this blog, we will introduce you to our Health & Lifestyle Coach, Dr Helen Lawal! But before we introduce her properly, we want to ask you a few questions.

• Do you want to make your own health and wellbeing a priority?

• Do you feel like, or have you been told that, you need to make some changes and you’re not sure how to go about it?

• Do you want to have more energy, feel motivated and improve your own mental and physical health?

• Are you stuck in a rut with some habits which are potentially working against you?

We’re pretty sure most people would identify with at least one of those statements. Which is where Dr Helen comes in.

Dr Helen may look like a familiar face – quite possibly you’ve seen her on the popular Channel 4 TV shows How to Stay Well and Food Unwrapped. She is a respected GP – but one of the things which makes her extra special is her health coaching skills. She is a true expert at creating healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes for her patients, taking a holistic, evidence-based approach to healthcare.

Want to know the real secret of wellbeing? It’s being empowered to tune in to your own health needs, identifying their values and then transforming lifestyle goals into action. We’re all creatures of routine, but Dr Helen can support and guide you in creating new healthy habits to upgrade your lifestyle and improve your sense of wellbeing.

This concept of looking after a person’s general health and wellbeing before the development of chronic diseases or acute illness, is something the NHS is putting at the forefront of its strategy. As your Gran probably used to say – prevention is better than cure! Empowering people to make some small changes can have a huge impact and prevents waiting until problems become significantly larger issues.

So how can Dr Helen help? Dr Helen is offering Health and Lifestyle Coaching which can be done face to face, over the phone or via online video consultation. The Health and Lifestyle 12 Week Transformation gives you the opportunity to work with Dr Helen over a 90-day period where she will individually tailor weekly 1-hour sessions to support you in reducing your stress and improving your wellbeing. Over the course of 12 weeks you will learn to manage your stress better, create healthy new lifestyle habits including eating well, exercising regularly and getting better sleep; and turn these healthy habits in to behaviours that last.  You’ll feel healthier, happier and more confident, with an improved sense of wellbeing.

If this resonates with you and you feel motivated to invest in your health and wellbeing, Dr Helen offers an initial 1-hour Health and Lifestyle Transformation Breakthrough Session where you will discover:

• Whats slowing you down or keeping you from having the health and lifestyle you desire.

• A powerful vision for your Health and Lifestyle Transformation, and what it will mean for you and for your life.

• Which behaviours and lifestyle habits are bringing your health down..and what to do about them.

• A step-by-step plan to create a Health and Lifestyle Transformation in 90days or less.

What happens after the Health and Lifestyle Discovery Session?

This will give you an idea of how each other work, and the chance to decide whether collaborating over a 12-week period for your Health and Lifestyle Transformation is the best option for you at this stage in your journey.

If you are looking for something more short-term to kick start you in the right direction, then the Health and Lifestyle Kickstart could be for you…

Health and Lifestyle Kick Start – 90-minute session

Are you feeling stressed, unhappy or unhealthy?

Is there an aspect of your health that you feel needs attention?

In this 90-minute session you decide which area of your health and lifestyle needs attention. It could be that you want to establish a better sleep routine? Perhaps you’d like to be more active but aren’t sure what exercise you should be doing and can’t seem to find motivation and get in a routine? Are you feeling stressed and in need of some simple tools to help you cope better? Are you sick of eating convenience food on the go and desperate to eat more healthily? We explore your needs in your chosen area and work together to help you establish some short-term goals and initial action steps to kick start you towards the health and lifestyle you want.

So, why not put yourself first for once? Put your health and wellbeing – both physical and mental – at the top of the agenda and make some changes – as someone wise once said, you deserve it!