Take back control of your body

As a part of our unique offering in Harrogate, Amy Bailey, our Women’s Health Expert, offers specialist personal, private and confidential services for ladies with pelvic floor dysfunction and pregnancy related musculoskeletal problems.

Amy has the ability to put women back in control of their bladders, by using specialised physiotherapy techniques. Evidence shows that over 60 per cent of women can improve their bladder weaknesses, including urgency to go to the toilet and leakage by following a supervised pelvic floor training programme.

In many cases, women do not need to revert to surgery if they follow self-help techniques for a period of time to improve or resolve incontinence.

Amy deliver’s a personalised confidential programme to her clients to ensure they receive the support and advice they need to improve their symptoms and take back control of their pelvic floor. Over her 4 years of experience, Amy has treated over 2,000 patients who have made the following comments about her service:

“It’s made a real difference to me and my quality of life”

“It’s good to talk to someone about my problem who understands”

“The advice, help and exercises meant I did not need surgery.”

Amy also offers pre-and post-pregnancy packages to ensure body conditioning before and after birth is maintained to allow flexibility, strengthening and control. The many conditions Amy can treat include Pelvic Girdle Pain, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor problems and Menopausal Symptoms.

OneWellness has a private and confidential consultation suite on the premises. To book a private consultation session with Amy, please email hello@onewellnessharrogate.co.uk to receive a call back.

Initial consultations cost £60, following consultations cost £50 per session.