Tips on how to lose weight from Dr Campbell’s Nutrition Talk!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our second nutrition talk at OneWellness hosted by our resident nutrition expert Dr Matthew Campbell.

It was an incredibly interactive and informative talk where our attendees were encouraged to ask questions about what they wanted to gain from the talk. Most wanted to understand the best types of food to eat and how to follow the nutritional information displayed on the food we buy, for example: “If it’s high fat should I eat it?” and “Does high in sugar mean I will put on weight?”, there were many common queries.

Here are Dr Campbell’s top-takeaway tips from the talk:

FAT – Don’t be afraid of high fat content, obviously have everything in moderation, but there’s no evidence that this is detrimental to your health.

SUGAR – It’s ok in moderation as there’s a different physiological response when you eat different things. So, a calorie is not the same as another calorie – therefore do not calorie count, it’s pointless.

Top tip: Zero calorie drinks are no good for you at all – the sweetener drives your appetite to want more sugar

TIME – Eat your largest meal of the day at lunchtime – then try to be active afterwards. Your body then has longer to metabolise your food.

CARBS – Reduce carbohydrates such as bread, rice and potatoes and increase the protein you eat such as chicken, fish and eggs. This doesn’t mean removing carbohydrates, try to control the amount you consume and make sure you are eating a greater ratio of protein > carbohydrates with each meal.

PROTEIN – Try to eat 3x 25g of protein a day – equivalent to 3x large chicken breasts, however there are lots of other good sources of protein such as eggs, pulses, non-starchy vegetables and fish. The protein will fill you for longer and suppress your appetite.

FRUIT + VEG – Alongside protein and carbohydrates, remember to eat “A rainbow a day” – lots of colours particularly from vegetables and fruit.

Remember that the most effective way to lose weight is a healthy balance of diet and exercise, if you can control your diet and aim for 30mins of exercise a day, you should start to see a difference!

We hope you find these takeaways informative! To join us for our next session held on Wednesday 20th of September, contact us! We will be covering how Type 2 Diabetes is reversible with diet alone if diagnosed early.

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