Don’t be a fish out of water!

Did you know your body is nearly two-thirds water? Consuming enough fluid to stay hydrated and healthy is so important. When we are dehydrated, we perform poorly and can suffer from symptoms such as tiredness, headaches and dizziness, so it is really important to keep up with fluid intake. There are many benefits of staying hydrated, think of a dry raisin and a juicy grape! – it can keep us looking youthful and replenished.

There are other ways to consume fluid other than by just guzzling the good stuff – tea, coffee, juices and food can provide us with fluid, however water is usually the best option to choose.

The amount we require varies from person to person and is dependent on factors including age, the weather and the amount of activity we do. The Eatwell Guide suggests that we should drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, which is around 2 litres. There is a danger that drinking excessive amounts of fluid can be harmful, so try and stick to a goal of 2 litres a day.

Ensure that you consume vitamins and minerals, and limit the sugary drinks, which could provide hidden calories that we don’t need. Fizzy drinks are a good example of what not to drink, a can of 330ml Coca-Cola has 35g of sugar in! If you opt for juice, then try watering it down as you may also damage your teeth!

Fruit juice is very acidic, so enamel damage is a high risk. Top tips to avoid dental decay includes brushing with fluoride toothpaste and ensuring that you have a 30-minute break between drinking and brushing to give your mouth time to produce enough saliva to neutralize the acidity. This saliva helps your teeth to harden and absorb more calcium.

So, as the summer climate warms up and we are out and about more, don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you to help you feel energised, healthier and look much younger!